Vase-Sculpture by Dygodesign.

These sculptures are inspired by a mythological oriental tale remembered during the ”Star Festival” where its celebrated the reunification of two divinities represented by the stars Vega and Altair. According to the legend, for the will of Vega’s mother, queen of heaven, the two young lovers were cruelly separated by placing a silver river between them: the Milky Way. The girl’s desperate tears were so intense to darken the sky. Afterwards then the emperor of heaven, moved by the emotion of the mortal pain of his daughter, called to rescue from earth, above the star Deneb, an infinite flock of magpies to join the two stars in the swan constellation. Only in this way, on the seventh day of the seventh month and only once a year, Vega, jumping over the backs of these magnificent celestial creatures, reaches his beloved Altair and spends a whole day of love with him.


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Data Sheet

Materials: High Quality Bio PLA

Weight S: 310g M: 795g

Filament Length S: 228m M: 364m

Info and Shipping

For the cleaning of DygoDesign elements, ordinary alcohol-based products should be avoided; it is preferable to use a microfiber cloth, possibly moistened with simple warm water.

All DygoDesign elements are produced only on the basis of the customer’s choice and starting from the moment of the order so as to guarantee the uniqueness of the chosen piece and a standard of absolute excellence. Due to this commitment, delivery is expected within 7 working days from the purchase.


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