Damocle XXV

Vase-Sculpture by Dygodesign

Sculpture that owes its name and inspiration to the well-known classical mythological character, and to the story that earned him fame, became today a modern metaphor and artistically translated into a contrast between light and shadow.

Damocle, member of Dionysius court, tyrant of Syracuse, was dared to replace him for a day, he found himself shrouded in fear resulting from the dangers of command, seeing in person, for the first time, the two true and opposite faces of power.

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Data Sheet

Materials: High Quality Bio PLA

Weight 230g

Info and Shipping

For the cleaning of DygoDesign elements, ordinary alcohol-based products should be avoided; it is preferable to use a microfiber cloth, possibly moistened with simple warm water.

All DygoDesign elements are produced only on the basis of the customer’s choice and starting from the moment of the order so as to guarantee the uniqueness of the chosen piece and a standard of absolute excellence. Due to this commitment, delivery is expected within 7 working days from the purchase.


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