Bolgheri Red

The design of the Bolgheri lamp comes from the inspiration of the elegant profile of the iconic Bolgheri cypresses of the Tuscan hinterland. The lines take up a slender profile and a vertically developed light structure. The material used is organic, derived from corn starch, completely sustainable and processed with zero emissions in full respect of the nature to which the product is inspired.

The composition of the polymer makes the entire structure resistant, ultra light and photosensitive. Thanks to this last property, the lamp absorbs both sunlight (when turned off) and artificial light (when turned on) and re-emits it in the dark in a warm red glow. The process described is spontaneous and completely natural; fluorescence’s duration varies based on the amount and the intensity of the light absorbed, up to 30 minutes.

LED lamps dimmable up to 10 light gradients.

Lamp off tone: Satin Pink


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Info and Shipping

For the cleaning of DygoDesign elements, ordinary alcohol-based products should be avoided; it is preferable to use a microfiber cloth, possibly moistened with simple warm water.

All DygoDesign elements are produced only on the basis of the customer’s choice and starting from the moment of the order so as to guarantee the uniqueness of the chosen piece and a standard of absolute excellence. Due to this commitment, delivery is expected within 7 working days from the purchase.

Data Sheet

Lamp Dimension:

H: 60 cm

L: 15 cm

P: 15  cm

Technical data

- Power: 9W

- Volt: DC 5V

- Color Temperature: 6000K

- Luminous flow: 800-1000 lm

- Class: II

- Degree of protection: IP20

- CRI> 85

- Cable Length: 75 cm

- Cable extension length 180 cm