Italian Embassy in Tel-Aviv

DygoDesign as a commercial partner participated in the event on 2 June on the occasion of the Republic Day organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Tel-Aviv. Together with other well-known national brands, DygoDesign has donated a series of products, exhibited in order to promote the quality of Made in Italy and the Italian style in the presence of important political and commercial figures representing one of the historically importing countries of our manufacture.

Figli del Vento International Polo Cup

DygoDesign is a partner of Sons of the Wind International Polo Cup, organizer of the first sand polo competition held at Marina di Pietrasanta over a week of events and sports. For the occasion we have designed and produced new trophies used for the awarding of the winning team of the winning teams during the race.


Designitaly is an E-commerce platform created with the aim of promoting Made in Italy Design by seeking out Italian talents and spreading their uniqueness, beauty and creativity around the world. Focused 100% on Made in Italy, aware of how precious and rare is the Italian way of designing and creating the best design objects that can be found. 

Dygodesign is a DesignItaly Partner with whom it shares key values on sustainability and product quality. On the platform it’s possible to find our entire collection of products and some exclusive items.

Adolfo Carrara Studio Design

Adolfo Carrara, professional in the field of brand, product and design development at his studio and founder of Suite 2603 was a precious reference for us.

From the mentoring activity in the presentation of the company’s innovative design and materials to the support in communication, Maestro Carrara is today a friend and a trusted consultant of DygoDesign.

His studio also exhibits some prototypes relating to the Dygo Selection and Lighting Nature collections.

Suite 2603

From the experience of Adolfo Carrara in the field of decoration and home textiles, products are born strongly connoted from a stylistic and design point of view, the result of an innate aesthetic taste and a passionate research that find its final goal in the restitution of the most refined and comfort atmosphere in your bedroom.

From the elegance of the suites of the most beautiful hotels in the world, borrowing the attention for pure features and the most sophisticated details; a textile experience capable of intertwining tradition and experimentation but without renouncing stylistic cleanliness, from which we are convinced the most refined harmony is born.


DygoDesign is part of the TOGET(T)HERE charity project: a network to promote experiences and skills, from fashion to design, from cooking to art, supporting the development of realities that help young people and adolescents in difficulty, without age discrimination, color, gender and nationality.

On sale the works of emerging and non-emerging artists, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity, in favor of four realities operating in Italy and in the world, in support of young people in difficulty: the Rainbow project in Nzara in South Sudan, the association Basquete IAPI in Campinas (Brazil), the Musica Libera Tutti association (Naples),the Circolo Ramingo association (Modena).

The initiative lays the foundations for a new type of charitable association, a community of creatives, cohesive and passionate for which DygoDesign has also created, through a sculpture unique in shape and materials, the representative symbol.

Big Apple Design

Studio e Store

From the first meeting, the client has a creative staff at his disposal putting the customer at the center of the creative process, from the architectural to the simplest re-style that reinvents the favorite room, to realize the personal vision of home a reality. Store to make design accessible regardless of the brand, allowing the luxury of exploring creative territories to independently satisfy one’s idea of ​​home. The key word is to put the customer, client, at the center of the creative process with their needs, their history, their culture and their essential musts.

The architect Melissa Tambelli, CEO of BigApple, with responsibility among others for communication and creative direction, is a collaborator and admirer of DygoDesign and the Green design idea that she has been promoting since the company’s debut. At the moment Big Apple Design exhibits some unique pieces of the DygoSelection collection exclusively in the Milan showroom.


Located in the historic center of Milan, today a pole of art and design that takes the name of “5 Vie”, a real living room on the street, where you have the perception of a continuity between inside and outside. Showroom, where the layout of the spaces is taken care of in detail and on a daily basis, in this way BigApple Design promotes its idea of ​​home living with constant change to be always adaptable over time.

Donati Films

Born from the passion of Matteo and Francesca for the world of videography and photography; a young company, always looking for innovation and constantly in growth. Starting from the creation of music videos, the interest in visual storytelling has led to constantly evolving advertising spots and content for fashion, design and haute cuisine brands.

A collaboration aimed at creating exclusive and innovative digital content for the DygoDesign collection born from the sharing of common values: constant attention to detail and the continuous search for the emotion to be transmitted.