The passion and attention to detail, have led us to the use of avant-garde sustainable raw materials and learnt how to transform them into a unique and green product in all its aspects.

All the materials used in the production are carefully selected in a panorama of European organic compounds of the highest quality level: guaranteed, certified and totally biodegradable they ensure an elegant and sustainable finished product.

Starting from the wraps, where we use recyclable cardboard, natural Jute, linen and bio-plastic veils, up to the materials that compose the collection: obtained from the separation of vegetable fibers from starches and gluten, they are distilled, purified and pulverized.

Precious for their chromatic properties, pleasant to the touch and totally organic, they provide a magical balance between design and dynamism of light, transforming our creations into living sculptures. 

Art and Technology meet together ”

Italian design, sustainable materials and Green technology are our essence…

… elements of pure avant-garde, precious as a jewel and light as silk, our mission.